All Brands Memory Card Price In The Market 2022


Memory card or memory cartridge is an electronic database device used to store digital data. Commonly used in portable electric devices. Like that used in digital cameras, mobile phones, laptops, computers, tablets, PDAs, portable media players, video game consoles, synthesizers, electronic keyboards, and digital pianos. Memory cards are stored in nanotechnology. Then there is the new addition to data storage that can be used on any device, from computers to devices.

Top Brand Memory Card In The Market

Memory cards of various brands are available in the current technology market. Sad but true, Currently memory cards contain a lot of clones and counterfeit products. So getting an original memory card is a bit rare nowadays. There are some memory card brands that are most sold and in demand in the recent market. Brands that are providing good service to their products keeping in mind the needs of consumers also confirmed after-sales service. So let’s know the most demanded brand memory card in the market.SanDisk,Lexar ,Transcend,Samsung,Sony,Adata,Apacer,Pny etc.

Classification of memory cards

Memory cards usually vary according to size in the first stage. The unit of memory card is captured by GB that’s means 1 GB equals 1000 MB. At present, memory cards of different sizes are available in the tech market, like that minimum size 8Gb,16Gb,32Gb,64Gb,128Gb, and also 256Gb Maximum range. The value of a memory card usually depends on its speed.

In terms of speed, memory cards are generally divided into six categories.Class 2, Class 4, Class 8, Class 10, UHS 1, and UHS 3. memory Class speed rate is mentioned on the card. Memory Card Speed ​​rate as much as possible is better. So that’s speed data will be like faster. Just as a Class 6 memory card can operate at speed of 6 megabytes per second. Class 10 memory cards can operate at speed of 10 megabytes per second. And the speed of UHS card is up to 320 megabytes per second.

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Use of memory card according to the type of work

If users want to use memory cards for storing movies, songs, and pictures, they can buy cards from class 4 onwards. At least class 6 memory should be purchased to store HD records. Otherwise, there is a frame problem while recording, the picture or sound may get stuck while playing the video. So a minimum of 6 class cards should be used for HD quality video recording and viewing.UHS 1 memory should be purchased for 4K video recording and photography. The same rule applies to using the camera’s SD card like a smartphone. If you want to use the app of smartphone on the memory card, you have to use at least a class 10 memory card.

Samsung Memory Card Price BD
Samsung Memory Card Price BD

Original Samsung Brand Memory Card Price 2021

Product Name & GbClass SpeedGuaranteePrice
Samsung 8Gb106 month270 tk
Samsung 16Gb106 month450 tk
Samsung 32Gb106 month520 tk
Samsung 64Gb106 month600 tk
Samsung 128Gb106 month1500 tk

Refurbished Samsung Brand Memory Card Price 2021

Product Name & GbClass SpeedGuaranteePrice
Samsung 8Gb106 month240 tk
Samsung 16Gb106 month350 tk
Samsung 32Gb106 month450 tk
Samsung 64Gb106 month550 tk
Samsung 128Gb106 month1450 tk

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