Airtel Update Internet Offer 2022


There is great news for Airtel customers. Airtel mobile operators offer a variety of offer packages according to the event at different times with their customers in mind. Airtel Internet Offer 2022. Today’s information will provide details about some special internet offers and packages. Airtel internet packages and offers have become quite popular for providing comparatively cheaper internet services than other operators. Currently have updated their 3G and 4G networks as well as expanding network work across the country to build a stronger network. Recently known With Robi, another popular mobile operator in Bangladesh Airtel mobile operator company has merged. It is currently expected that the two popular mobile operators will be able to enjoy more packages and offers for their joint customers.

Airtel New Internet Offer Update 2022

Airtel cares about the needs of their vast customers provides “special internet offers” at various times. Airtel has launched a reduced-price internet package. With the Airtel offer, customers get the opportunity to enjoy some additional benefits or bonuses along with regular usage. Different offers for Variant types of events like. Notable offers include Airtel Free Internet Offer, Airtel Off SIM Offer with Reduced Internet, Talktime Offer, Internet Bundle Pack, SMS, and Minute Offer. But today’s information will only discuss about Airtel special internet offer.

All Airtel Internet Data Offer Update List 2022

Airtel Daily Internet Offer 2022. Airtel Weekly Internet Offer. Airtel Monthly Internet Offer 2022. Airtel Social Media Internet Offer 2022. Airtel Custom Internet Data Offer 2022. Below is all the information about all types of Airtel internet offers. Information list of every internet offer Provided accordingly. You can easily get an idea about any internet offer pack according to your convenience. And with that, you will get the opportunity to use it regularly. Airtel Authority reserves the right to change and save these Internet offers at any time. As per the latest announcement, all the benefits of this offer will be available to any GP customer.

Grameenphone (GP) Internet Data Offer Update 2022

Airtel Daily Internet Data Offer Update 2022

Data Pack (GB/MB)Validity (Days)Price (Tk)Dial code
500MB3 Days29*123*025#
1GB(4G)3 Days22 *123*022#
1.5GB3 Days38 *123*038#
2GB3 Days44 *123*044#
2GB5 Days59 *123*059#
3GB3 Days54 *123*054#
4GB4 Days64 *123*064#
10GB5 Days101 *123*101#

Airtel Weekly Internet Offer Update 2022

Data Pack (GB/MB)Validity (Days)Price (Tk)Dial code
1.5GB7 Days89*123*089#
1.5GB + 50 Min7 Days98 *123*098#
3GB7 Days104 *123*104#
5GB7 Days129 *123*129#
5GB10 Days159 *123*159#
7GB10 Days179 *123*179#
10GB7 Days149 *123*149#

Airtel Monthly Internet Offer Update 2022

Data Pack (GB/MB)Validity (Days)Price (Tk)Dial code
1GB (Social Pack)30 Days12*123*012#
1GB (Game Internet Pack)30 Days33 *123*033#
2GB30 Days229 *123*229#
7GB30 Days498 *123*498#
10GB + 500Min45 Days648 *123*648#
10GB28 Days399 *123*052#
20GB28 Days149 *123*053#
30GB 30 Days998 *123*998#

Airtel Emergency Data Loan Service

Data Pack (GB/MB)Validity (Days)Price (Tk)Dial code
Emergency data loan (70MB)3 Days14.44*141#
Emergency data loan (300MB) 3 Days25*141#

Airtel Customs Internet Data Offer 2022 ।। My Airtel App Internet Offer 2022

My Airtel App is a multi-feature airtel service. With this app, Airtel can easily enjoy various services and facilities. All the information related to various additional packages and bundles. Including internet, talk-time, minutes, SMS can be updated from this My Airtel App. There is an opportunity to customize different data for your convenience. The name of this application is “My Airtel App”. Through this, full-time GP can get all the new services instantly.

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