Best Brand & Populer Washing Machine In Bangladesh Market


In this modern era, new technologies and inventions are making our daily tasks easy to easier. Most Like that Washing machines are essentially replacing household appliances for the housewives and also with a home. Washing machines are now essential for cleaning everyday dirty clothes. Washing machines are the only alternative to save time and money against laundry service. We will try to give detailed information about the most popular and used washing machine of the best brand in the market at present.

Best Brand & Populer Washing Machinehing In BD

Do you want to buy a good quality washing machine at a budget-friendly price? All are we want to buy a washing machine within budget. Problem is that the price of the washing machine is within the budget. Problems remain with design quality and capacity. So we should have some basic idea about it before buying it. Especially for those who are new users or first buyers. You will benefit the most if you buy a washing machine depending on your needs. let’s first know the questions and answers about washing machines.

Which is noticeable before buying a washing machine

Best model washing machine bd
Best model washing machine bd

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Which brand and model of washing machine to buy?

Different technologies are being updated almost every day. What is new today is getting old in a short while. So we are hesitant to buy any new product from the market. There are so many brands in the market at the moment that it is very difficult to buy a good brand product. If you want to buy a good brand washing machine, you first need to get information from the internet.

Which is now the first task you have completed by viewing this information. Take some information from internet and Analysis it by comparing it with products of multiple brands. Major needs to prepare a short analysis report about some features, types, capacity, loading time, power, Warranty and servicing consumption, and update price.

After analysis, you have to visit the market and get updated information about the brands that were in the first row according to your selection. You can take customer reviews of any known used products of the brands that you will be finalizing. Judging by the latest good and bad, in the final selection, the winner can decide to buy it according to the band’s washing machine and model.

Which machine would be suitable for you?

The product is good, but it may not be good for your budget and machine function system. Again there are electricity bills, water bills, and servicing costs! In particular, two types of washing machines are now available in the market.One is front loader and the other is top loader. Do not go to buy if it is interesting to see! First, understand the difference between the front loader and top loader and which one is right for you.

Front loader Washing Machine

A machine that loads clothes in front of the machine or in the middle of the abdomen is called a front loader washing machine. The advantage of front loader washing machine is that it cleans clothes very well, uses less detergent, and comes with less water and electricity bills. However, the problem is that it takes a long time to wash clothes, approximately 2 to 3 hours. Weight and price are comparatively higher than top loaders.

Top loader Washing Machine

Top loader washing machine has a cloth loading system on the surface of the machine. The advantage of a top loader washing machine is that it can wash clothes very quickly, both in price and weight. The disadvantage is that the clothes are not washed carefully, the electricity and water bills are high.

Top Brand Washing Machine Update Price List 2021

Brand Name ModelCapacityUpdate Price (Tk)
VISION Twin Tub Washing MachineH23386.5 Kg10,750
Walton Washing MachineWWM-STP808.0 Kg13,500
Whirlpool White Magic EliteMagic Elite-4911157.5 Kg26,000
Whirlpool Stain wash ProStain wash Pro-H7.5 Kg29,000
Whirlpool Washing Machine Dry Linen360UC Graphite14 Kg39,500
Sharp Top Loading Full Auto Washing MachineES-7187.0 Kg26,100
Singer Semi Auto Top LoadingSRWM-STD80SFDA8.0 Kg12,290
Singer Full-Auto Top LoadingSRWML-SWM73108X7.0 Kg21,990
Inverter Washing Machine SingerSRWM-SWM-FWV100AS10 Kg35,790
Auto Front Loading Washing Machine with DryerLG WF-FC1409H2E9.0 Kg93,810
Samsung Top Loading Washing MachineWA70M4300HP/IM7.0 Kg25,900

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Singer Full-Auto Top Loading Washing Machine BD
Singer Full-Auto Top Loading Washing Machine BD

Singer Full-Auto Top Loading 7.0 Kg Washing Maching Specification

Brand NameSinger
Model SRWML-SWM73108X
Capacity7.0 KG
RPM (Rotation Per Minute)700
Coth Loading SystemTop Load
Energy Efficiency Class (EEC)A+++ Grade
Operation MethodFull-Auto
Display TypeFull LED
Body Materials (Build In)Steel and Plastic Mix
Child LockYes
Auto ResumeYes
Water Level4
Washing Program9
Height35 Inch
Width23 Inch
Depth21 Inch
Warranty2 Years Full & 5 Years Motor Warranty
Regular Price23,990 (Tk)
Discount Price21,900 (Tk)

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