Most Famous Chocolate Brand In The World


The most popular common favorite food item in the world is chocolate.Women and men of any age from young to old love to eat chocolate and get it as a gift.Chocolate refers to a variety of natural and processed foods that are produced from the seeds of the tropical cocoa plant.Cocoa, a native plant of tropical South American lowlands, has been cultivated in Central America and Mexico for at least 3 hundred years.And the earliest written evidence of its use from 1100 BC.

There is a tradition of giving various chocolates as gifts in different occasions.Especially in many countries it is still seen as a courtesy to take chocolate gifts as a guest.Especially we are like to give and receive chocolate gifts at festivals.Chocolate is currently the most widely used as a gift.Being the largest chocolate producing and preferred country in the world is USA (U.S. chocolate manufacturers bringing in over $20 billion annually in retail sales.) Germany Switzerland Belgium.But Switzerland is best known as the land of chocolate lovers.

Classification OF Chocolate In The World

There are many different types of chocolate in the world.Different types of chocolate taste depending on the area, country and continent.Interestingly, chocolate is basically a bitter food but its production process has changed and now chocolate is known as sweet food.At present, research has started on the production of chocolate in the world.All the new chocolate brands they are discovering new chocolate production and methods through research of chocolate.

Milk Chocolate : This type of chocolate is mixed with at least 10 percent chocolate liqueur and 12 percent milk with sugar, cocoa butter and vanilla.Sweet or semi-sweet chocolate contains 15 to 35 percent chocolate liqueur.These are usually called ‘dark’ or ‘plain’ chocolates.It is called baking chocolate because it is most commonly used in making desserts.

Bitter Chocolate: This chocolate is mixed with 50 percent chocolate liqueur.These bitter or sweet-tasting chocolates are also called ‘Bakers’ chocolates.Creams and others: These are also chocolate, but are made with a chocolate coating on top of other ingredients.It is easily shaped to fit in the mouth. The bottom of the chocolate coating may contain a mixture of caramel, nuts, cream, jelly and other ingredients.

White Chocolate : Although the name is chocolate, white chocolate is not actually chocolate. Because it does not contain any chocolate liqueur.It is a brown powder made by crushing some fruits of the Mediterranean region.Many people eat this thing instead of chocolate. Because it can be continued as an alternative to chocolate mixed with edible oil and sugar.

The Most Famous Chocolate Brand In The World

1. Ferrero Rocher ChocolateFerrero Rocher Chocolate
2. Lindt & Sprungli ChocolateLindt & Sprungli Chocolate
3. Ghirardelli ChocolateGhirardelli_chocolate
4. Hershey’s ChocolateHershey's_Chocolate
5. Toblerone ChocolateToblerone chocolate
6. Cadbury & Dairy Milk ChocolateCadbury & Dairy Milk Chocolate
7. Guylian ChocolateGuylian Chocolate
8. Nestlé_Chocolatenestlé_chocolate
9. Mars chocolateMars Chocolate
10. Milka ChocolateMilka Chocolate

Bangladeshi & Indian Most Favorite Chocolate items

Chocolate NameQuantity For Box (Pcs)Price (Tk)
1. Kitkat 2 Fingure or 15Rs401200
2. Kitkat 3 Fingure or 20Rs241200
3. Kitkat 3 Fingure or 20Rs181080
4. Dairy Milk Mini 10Rs561400
5. Snackers Chocolate
Big Size (Dubai or Russian)
6. Snackers Chocolate (Indian)20400
7. Snackers Chocolate Mini (Indian)40800
8. Perk Chocolate30450
9. Kinder joy Chocolate (Indian)8/16/24
10. Kinder joy Chocolate (China)8/16/24
13. Amul Drak
12. 5star Chocolate401000
13. KingGum50500

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