AllStoreBD Privacy-Policy

It is necessary to impose some rules and regulations to keep the environment of each site beautiful.Similarly, AllStoreBD also has a number of essential and necessary policies by which it is possible to maintain the proper environment and discipline of the site.Therefore, everyone on the site is requested to follow the given policies correctly.Site Authority has the sole power to change, modify and revoke the policies at any time.

Data collection or source

AllStoreBD is an online offer portal site. Is the First & Largest Online Offer Portal in World.We provide updated information and reviews of various types of gadget products.Our information is taken from various sources and through the internet.By verifying and sorting out that information, we are defined to provide a three-dimensional matching information.

Type of information

We provide various domestic and foreign brands product review & update also product price information about of feature phones,official & unofficial smartphone,Laptop, mobile-PC accessories and also Gadget item.With that We publish ongoing offers of Gadget items provided by different brands company and organizations.

Media Source

The various images and files that accompany the information are the site’s own resources.All photos and documents are our own created resources.So these are allowed for personal use.But in case of commercial use, permission of the site is mandatory.Must use the site’s credit before using it for any purpose.


The site does not intentionally collect visitor information.However, the information provided by visitors interested in commenting or registering is provided on the website in order to identify and provide services.In that case, the desire to provide information to the visitors is given priority first.

Security of collected information

The information provided by the visitor is most targeted by the authorities on the site.We make sure always strive to ensure proper use and security of visitor information.We do not collect visitor information in any business venture.

Link & Share Post & Comment

Any information on the site is allowed to be shared and commented on.Unintentionally let us know about any misinformation.It should be noted that your opinion or criticism does not discredit the individual and the organization.Only the authority to grant original permission to everything on the site is reserved.

Google Adsense

All advertising policies set by Google AdSense are followed and applicable on our site.Any changes or additions to the policies set forth by Google AdSense may occur.All information on the site is monitored by Google Analytics only.

Child data protection

All the information on our site is educational and informative.Which is suitable for men and women of any age.However, the information on this site does not apply to children.Anyone aged 15+ is welcome to use the information on this site.


We cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of site information.But we are always trying to ensure flow of accurate information.if your need urgent and accurate information so please follow the prescribed media by your own duty.The Authority is not willing to bear any responsibility for the information on this Site.