Best Brand IP Camera For Security


IP camera is a type of internet protocol camera. It’s a digital video camera that works like a webcam. With it, data can be sent and received on the internet. From ordinary video cameras, it is a device with much advanced. technology. Because it has its own IP address and just has an internet connection, it can do all kinds of things. This IP camera is usually connected to a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone through the control panel.IP cameras have more advanced features than CCTV cameras.CCTV cameras are analog but IP cameras are digital.

This means that the CCTV camera has an axial video cable that transmits the video footage to the digital video recorder. On the other hand, the IP camera only works through an internet connection. It does not require any cable.IP cameras capture high-resolution footage. Each camera has a processing chip that compresses and records video footage. As much as camera resolution on high, that’s better feedback to video record. We will get some more detailed information about IP cameras and know about the best quality IP camera brands and update market prices.

Best Brand IP Camera For Home & Office Security

Top Brand IP Camera Manufacturers

A combination of different technology products in the current technology market.IP cameras are no exception. There are various types of IP cameras available in the market. Depending on updated features & facility with that brand value-wise determined that price and quality. Best brand Ip cameras are Hikvision,Axis,Dahua,Xiaomi,Tp-Link,Hanwha Techwin,Bosch,IDIS,Intelbras,Uniview,Avigilon,Vivoteck,Honeywell,Mobotix,Sony,Panasonic.

Best Brand IP Camera For Home & Office Security

  • Hikvision DS-2CD2042WD-I (outdoor camera)
  • Foscam FI9900PW Outdoor WiFi Security Camera
  • Amcrest UltraHD 2K WiFi Camera
  • Zmodo 1080p WiFi wireless outdoor bullet camera
  • Foscam R2 Home Security Camera
  • Reolink IP RLC-420
  • SereneLife Indoor wireless IP camera
  • Geeklink Wireless IP Security Camera.

Some advantages of using IP camera better from CCTV

There are several advantages to using IP cameras over CCTV. Installing CCTV cameras is a hassle and the cost is high. Compared to that, using an IP camera is very easy to set up and cost-effective. Wireless technology can be used, so there is a lot of secret security. All the great benefits of controlling from a distance, which are not possible with the use of CCTV cameras. Here are some common features and advantages of an IP camera. Some of the features may be more or less due to the technology update, brand ৎ model with that the price tag wise.

Two-way audio & speaker feature: Speakers and microphones are installed inside on the IP camera component. so it can be heard and spoken simultaneously from any angel with distance. It works like doorbell cameras.

Remote control access: Up to 360-degree coverage is available through the control panel of the IP camera on any smartphone and laptop. Creating a control panel requires the use of IP manufacturer settings and installing apps & software.

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Live Video & Video-Storage Capacity: Best advantage of using an IP camera is that it allows you to watch live spot video. And there is a system to store the captured videos. Videos are stored in the camera using a memory card. Also, some good brands of IP cameras have a large storage system by default.

High-Resolution Video & Night Vision Feature: IP camera is 4 more powerful than any analog camera. Cameras are used in most cases for the better live output. Some cameras have night vision mode so it can take clear pictures and videos at night.

Wireless connection and security: Internet connection can be established through a WiFi router, so cable connection is not required in an IP camera. it’s like a cable-less hassle-free device like a more enjoyable in your life. so more effective about secret security ensure able to keep by it.

Best Security and IP cameras of 2022 In BD

Brand NameModel & KeynotePrice (tk)
AnspoWiFi IP Camera V380 360 Degree1,500
HikvisionEZVIZ C6N2,450
TP-LinkTapo C200 PanTilt2,850
DahuaImou Ranger 2C 1080P2,900
XiaomiMi MJSXJ10CM 360°3,050
VimtagCP2 Wireless Cloud IP Camera3,150
DahuaIMOU IPC-D22P Dome Lite IP Camera4,500
HikvisionDS-2CD2110F-I (1.3MP) IR4,800
DahuaIMOU Bullet 2E IPC-F22FP 2MP Wi-Fi Camera5.200
Dahuaimou Ranger Pro IP Camera with 360 Degree Coverage5,500
Anspo V380 WiFi IP Camera
Anspo V380 WiFi IP Camera

Anspo WiFi IP Camera V380 360 Degree Specification & Features

Brand NameAnspo
ModelWiFi IP Camera V380
Camera TypeRobotic 360 Degree Camera
Camera Lens2 Megapixel
Recording Resolution720p
Night Vision/MoodYes
2 Way AudioYes (Audio & listen)
Microphone with speaker
Expandable MemoryYes. Up to 32GB
Memory Card Supported
Live Video Recording OptionYes (Full HD view)
Remote AccessYes. Pc/Laptop/Smartphone
(apps installation )
Power BackupYes Supported
Warranty1 Year Contracted Warranty

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